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An Accident Waiting To Happen

Little Miss: Fights Problems With Bigger Problems...

Mindy C
26 July 1982
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Tales of A Future Librarian:
Tengo Mala Suerte.
I Never Was A Corn-Flake Girl.
I Will Surprise You Sometimes. I'll Come Around.
Adversity Introduces a Man To Himself.
I Think That Dress Looks Nice On You.
Todo O Nada.
a wide-variety of music, all shades of hoodies, all types of theatres, analyzing everything, anything related to photography, applying lotion, arguing, astronomy, baby smiles, badmitton/tetherball/volleyball, baking cakes, bass guitars, beat literature, being alone, belly laughs, bingo halls, biology, birthdays, biting my lower lip, black silk panties, blowing bubbles, bodies of water, boys with freckles, breasts, bruises, buddhism/buddhist philosophy, chewing gum, christie projectors, chuck palahniuk, clean hair, comic books, connecting with people, cranking up heaters, dangling white christmas lights, depositing checks, different forms of listening, documentaries, donating blood, drinking chai tea, eating cheese, eating icicles, everything about eyes, experiencing, facial hair, film scores, fingers, foreign subtitled films, free post-cards, frosty breath, fuck me boots, gentlemen, haircuts, hardwood floors, having compassion, having purpose, horror flicks, horses, houses of worship, i'm communicating with them, incense and candles, indian food, ink pens, insects, jam sessions, jawlines in low-light, jazz musicians, ken kesey, knitting, knowledge, ladies, live music shows, male sensitivity, manual cameras, midnight croquet, motivated action, movies, mud pies, music/mix cds, my brothers ears, my father nipples, my mothers smile, my sisters hair, naked skin, neck napes, nephews, not thinking, notes on windshields, novels, olive oil, oral sex, paper lanterns, people with passion, pied cow, pirates, pistachio ice cream, playing with my toes, portland, pug dogs, putting on lipstick, rain, riding in cars, riding on mopeds, rose water, rummy, running with dogs, sarcasm, scented soap, shoulder blades in low-light, sleeping, smiling at strangers, someone being honest, speeding, spooning, sporks, squishies, straight lines, street signs, sweat, swinging in the dark, tattoos, teeth, telling the truth, the concept of justice, the dissemination of information, the ideals behind religion, thinking in narrative, third-graders, ticking clocks, touching accidentally, toys, using your senses, vegetarianism, victoria bc/canada/road-trips, visual and emotional intensity, walking, warm beds, washing my hands, weddings, widmer heffeweizen, william shakespeare, writing, x-men, your mom